Pirelli recently launched its SmarTUBE (sic) inner tube to great fanfare.
But an exclusive Bikefax investigation now reveals that the SmarTUBE isn’t actually intelligent.
“Pirelli claims to have created a new being. But the SmarTUBE is nothing more than a SmarTASS”, said a 26″ inner tube from the discount section in Halfords.
Despite bold claims, it turns out the SmarTUBE is in fact just an inner tube, albeit a very light one. It won’t order your food shopping, park your car or even steer you around puncture-inducing sharp edges.
Following seconds of tireless journalisming, proof that the SmugTUBE is not in fact SMART was found in Pirelli’s marketing material:
“…highly visible, thanks to its bright yellow colour, SmarTUBE is equipped…”
The report concludes that whoever thought a highly visible inner tube was a good idea should be sent back to SchOOL.

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