Tubolito PSENS – First Smart Inner Tube

TUBOLITO LAUNCHES FIRST SMART INNER TUBEand MOREWIEN, Austria—Tubolito, the global pioneer of inner tube technology is proud to announce four new inner tubes; Tubo MTB P-SENS, Tubo-CX/Gravel All,S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All, and new BMXTuboscompatible with multiple rim sizes.Tubo MTB P–SENSis the world’s first smart inner tube. By using an NFC (near field communication)chip, the Tubo-MTB-P-SENS is able to wirelessly communicate the air pressure to riders smart phones via the Tubolitoapplication forAndroidoriOS.The NFCchipis located close to the inner tube’s valve and because it has no battery, smart phones need to be within 3cm—iPhone users can tap their camera on the very top of the tire with the valve at 12-o-clock.TheMTB-P-SENSis available in 29 and 27.5”with a 42cm presta valve and uses the same TPE construction and thickness as the theTubo-MTB.Additionally, Tubolito has redesigned its CX/Gravel innertube. Now called the Tubo-CX/Gravel All, the single model will work with both 650b and 700c diameters from 30mmwidths up to 47mmx 700c. Additionally, Tubolito is also introducing an S-Tubo model for the first time in this discipline with the S-Tubo-CX/Gravel All, which is 80% lighter than a comparable butyl inner tube. P-SENS SMART TUBESTubo-MTB-P-SENS2SKUs: 27.5”&29” Valve: 42mmSV/Presta93giOS and AndroidMSRP: $49.90GRAVELS-Tubo-CX/Gravel All2SKUs: 42& 60mmSV36g1 tube for650band700cMSRP: $37.90Tubo-CX/Gravel All2 SKUs: 42& 60mm1 tube for650band700cMSRP: $34.90BMXTubo-BMX-202 SKUs: 42mm SV, 40mm AV20”, 1.5–2.0 widthsMSRP:$34.90Tubo-BMX-22/242 SKUs: 42mm SV, 40mm AV1 tube for22” and 24” MSRP:$34.90


Rachel Atherton suffers a dislocated collarbone at 2023 World Champs in Fort William

We’ve had reports that Rachel Atherton has dislocated her collarbone at Fort William World Championships during pracitice. It’s uncertain if she will be able to race. More to follow.

Sly-Talk Publications sacks staff and closes magazine shocker

For the first time in today’s history, a gentle giant corporation has sadly had to axe its most important and valued staff.

Sly-Talk Publications is yet to comment on sacking everyone but the CEO today declined to tip staff in his favourite caviar bar as a sign of respect for the little people he let go so he could continue scraping by on a big salary.


Friday 5th August 2022
Food selection: 7/10 (Ice cream, granola bars, crisps, pretzels)
Drink selection: 8/10 (Plenty, and water bottle refilling station)
Service: 10/10 (Hand delivered ice creams)
Wifi: 9/10
A service announcement from the Mont-Sainte-Anne press office

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